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LATENCY BUNDLE features screenshots manual tech updates

The LATENCY BUNDLE is a tool for measuring and compensating latency, purpose-built for Logic Pro*.

The bundle contains the LATENCY DETECTOR and the LATENCY COMPENSATOR. The LATENCY DETECTOR is, as the name suggests, a tool to measure delay times and analyse latency. Most Plug-Ins require a given amount of time to process an audio signal, therefore only allowing the signal to pass with a certain delay. This delay is known as latency. Most sequencers, however, like Logic Pro, have a mechanism to offset latency, ensuring that all tracks are perfectly synchronised. However, this compensation does not work when using the I/O Plug-In to route signals to and from external audio hardware.

The latency induced by I/O Plug-Ins is not deduced and cannot therefore be automatically compensated. The sequencer obviously cannot know what is happening to the signal in the analogue world. To find out the latency of an I/O Plug-In, the sequencer would have to measure the time required for the signal to leave the sequencer output and reappear at the input.

Using the LATENCY DETECTOR this measure- ment can now be carried out exactly and the determined latency value can be used in the LATENCY COMPENSATOR to make up for the delay.

* Logic Pro is a registered trademark by apple inc.



Use the LATENCY DETECTOR to measure the delay time caused by your I/O Plug-Ins. You can measure mono or stereo channels.



Use the LATENCY COMPENSATOR to tell the sequencer the delay time you want to compensate for. If you set up - let's say - 282 samples, the whole track will be shifted 282 samples forward in time.



The IMPULSE GENERATOR is an AU Generator.


Each time the sequencer is started, it emits a sample accurate impulse, a so called Delta Impulse. This impulse is used by the LATENCY DETECTOR to measure the delay in the signal flow.

If you want to know more about measurement and latency compensation, please download


the manual where you will find all the details.