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Award-winning spectral delay and multi-effect plug-in for VST an AU.







OBELISK is a spectral multi effect whose sound possibilities and graphic user interface raise the area of spectral sound processing to a completely new level. OBELISK combines a SPECTRAL DELAY, a SPECTRAL FILTER and a SPECTRAL GATE to a multi effect that not only sounds excellent but also enables an extremely intuitive and musical operation, in spite of hundreds of effect parameters. With OBELISK you can draw your effect and with the aid of graphic lines control a multitude of effect parameters in a very simple and descriptive manner.



With its 2-dimensional LFOs, OBELISK creates completely innovative modulation possibilities by means of which the processed signal transforms into an endlessly changing sound layer. In spite of the comprehensive possibilities it provides for sound processing and modulation, OBELISK requires very little computing power, thanks to its high performing vector algorithms. To see OBELISK in action, start the video tour!







OBELISK has a high quality spectral analysis and synthesis. The audio signal can be split into 256 or 512 individual frequency bands that can be independently processed with effects. OBELISK ensures an excellent audio quality and requires very little computing power as a result of its highly optimized vector algorithms.




With OBELISK you control all the parameters via a unique graphic user-interface. The ANALYSER POINT VIEW constitutes the central unit for processing the SPECTRAL DELAY, SPECTRAL FILTER and SPECTRAL GATE. In this respect you control hundreds of effect parameters by means of drawing graphic lines, the so-called EFFECT LINES. In spite of the abundance of parameters that spectral sound processing provides, it is possible to operate extremely intuitively and almost musically.

Each EFFECT LINE consists of up to 10 EFFECT POINTS that determine the course of the line. The REAL-TIME ANALYSER SPECTRUM with which you can optically follow all the sound changes to the audio signal is situated underneath the EFFECT LINES.






OBELISK provides an individual delay for every frequency band. OBELISK therefore contains 512 conventional delays with individual delay times of up to 3 seconds. Each delay has its own feedback.


All delay times can be synchronized to the tempo of the song. For this purpose and dependent on the song tempo, the DELAY POINTS can be quantized with the aid of a beat grid.




In OBELISK every frequency band has its own volume regulation. By controlling the volume of all the frequency bands, the effect signal can almost be arbitrarily filtered. Furthermore, the intensity of the filter can be globally controlled for all the frequency bands.


As a result of the course of the FILTER LINE, extremely accurate and also ultimate filter settings can be achieved.




In OBELISK every frequency band has its own noise gate with an individual threshold. As a result, OBELISK provides a total of 512 conventional noise gates. The thresholds of the individual frequency bands ensue as a result of the course of the GATE LINE.


If the level of a frequency band is above the GATE LINE, it will be allowed through but if the level is under the GATE LINE it will become mute. With the aid of the REAL-TIME ANALYSER SPECTRUM, the GATE LINE can be perfectly adapted to the audio signal.




With its 2-dimensional LFOs, OBELISK has completely innovative modulation possibilities. Each of these 3 LFOs can control the movement of up to 5 EFFECT POINTS almost arbitrarily. The course of the EFFECT LINES can therefore be influenced in an extremely creative and often unpredictable fashion.


All LFOs can be synchronized to the song tempo and thus can be used for the modulation in a very musical manner.